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Anti Termite Treatment

The Two Kinds Of Anti-Termite Treatment, Chemicals, & Advantages

A chemical barrier is built upon the building to prevent underground termites from invading it before and after the construction process. A chemical barrier is provided by Pearl Care Pest Control for masonry, wood, soil, and electrical fixtures to prevent underground termites from entering the building.

An anti-termite treatment is applied to the soil around a building at the beginning of construction to provide the building with a chemical barrier against underground termites.

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Our company has been #1 in the pest control business in Abu Dhabi since 2000. Our services include anti-termite solutions and pest control for pre-construction and post-construction sites. The Abu-Dhabi Municipality and Tadweer (CWM) have approved our work.

Our services are guaranteed anti-termite in Abu-Dhabi. You will need Termite Control professionals to conduct an assessment of your home. Pest control companies can address all of your pest management needs, and Pearl Care Pest Control is among the best at treating termites among other pests. For the past 20 years, we have provided the ideal pest control service in Abu Dhabi to residents and businesses in the region.

We have trained and experienced technicians in Abu-Dhabi, Musaffah, Muhammad Bin Zayed, Khalifa City, Rahba, Shahama, Banyas, Bada Zayed, Liwa, Ruwais, Sila, and much more. Providing safe, fast, and effective solutions require 100% trained and qualified staff. You are in good hands when you hire us to take care of pests in your garden, office, farm, or school. Our pest control company has been around for over 20 years. Approved by Abu-Dhabi Municipality and Tadweer (the Community Welfare Monitoring System).


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There are several anti-termite treatments available:

Two major anti-termite treatments are as follows:
Pre-Construction Anti- Termite Treatment
Post Construction Anti -Termite Treatment


Pre Construction Termite Treatment

The following steps describe the Anti termite treatment process for pre-construction;
To prevent termites in the foundation trenches and pits, 5 liters of an anti-termite chemical are applied per square meter of the surface to a depth of 30 cm in the excavations for the foundations. It is first necessary to clean the earth’s surface of wooden particles and other garbage particles and level the entire surface until it is the desired elevation. The chemical is added to the water by adding 15 cm intervals to a depth of 30 cm, and an emulsion is formed of the correct concentration by adding the water to it.


The treatment is carried out after the building construction is complete and normally involves reusing termiticides on the soil around the foundation.

To control termites, holes are drilled under floors and chemical filling is applied. Termite treatment is applied to existing buildings that have already been infested by termites. If a severe attack occurs, the chemical emulsion is applied to the soil around and below the building. In the case of strongly damaged woodwork by termites, it may be replaced with newly brushed timber in this treatment using oil or kerosene-based chemical emulsions.

We recommend to leave house for 3 to 5 hours after the insecticidal spray treatment.

We are doing chemical and non-chemical treatment for pests including ants, cockroaches, rodents, termites, bedbugs, and beetles. Insectidicdal spray treatment, bait treatment & Ultra sound control treatments.

The cost of pest control starts from AED 150, but it mainly depends on size of you Apartment/ Villa , pest infestation & treatment. Kindly contact with details to respond with price.

Yes, we offer a guarantee for our services. If you’re not satisfied with the results of our pest control services, we’ll come back and re-treat the affected area at no extra cost to you.