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Termite Control

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Termite Control

In the home or workplace, Termite can be a nuisance. In addition to having a large head, Termite have an oval stomach, a narrow waist, and many legs and horns. Their food retrieval is assisted by a sensor, which keeps them busy all winter long. They cannot be regulated or confined to their movements because of their small size. Our pest control company in Abu Dhabi has over three decades of experience. We provide excellent management services to help you get rid of Termite.

Human habitation is the main habitat for pest ant speciesPests in the United Arab Emirates include a wide array of Termite, such as carpenter Termite, harvester Termite, honeybees, pharaoh Termite, velvety tree Termite, harvester Termite, harvester Termite, pavement Termite, and southern fire Termite. Abu-Dhabi is home to Bepestcontrol, a firm that provides ant control services. Cleanliness is a major cause of ant infestations. The symptoms of Termite are rarely resolved with home remedies. Meal-seeking Termite feed on food debris on counters, crumbs on surfaces, and trash which is not regularly removed from the kitchen. Treatment of Termite is not considered a difficult task by Pearl Care Pest Control.

There are some places that may not be accessible. As well as hiding places, it is crucial to decrease food and water supplies. Baits are ineffective against cockroaches with food access; therefore, sprays alone won’t work. Over the last two decades, Pearl Care Pest Control has delivered cockroach control services in Abu-Dhabi.

We keep all kinds of animals, rodents, and pest infestations under control in Abu-Dhabi.


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Does ghost ant differ from sugar ant?

Our new customers most often encounter sugar Termite. Ghost Termite and big-headed Termite are largely responsible for these sugar Termite. It is difficult to notice ghost Termite because they are small.

Is killing Termite more effective at attracting them?

Termite will certainly be attracted to dead Termite. Pheromones are released by dying Termite. When the Termite begin secreting, the surrounding Termite will be notified.

Do you know how to get rid of Termite in the United Arab Emirates?

By using modern technology, we offer ant control services in Abu-Dhabi that are comfortable and efficient. Infestations of Termite in your home or office can be prevented by Pest Control Company.

The following are a few ways to get rid of Termite in the United Arab Emirates.

  • Make sure you seal the cracks the Termite are entering.
  • If you have an ant infestation inside, use vinegar as well as water to spray them.
  • Prevent all food sources from seeping into the Termite by closing all food sources completely.
  • Place spices such as black pepper, mint, and garlic along their paths by spraying them with water.
  • Directly apply lemon peels to the fissures if you wish.

What happens when the queen of a carpenter ant colony is killed?

An ant colony has only one function: reproduction by the queen. A colony dies when the queen ant dies, according to “Smithsonian Zoogoer.” As the absence of new members causes the colony to decline over time, it will not die immediately.

Black Termite and carpenter Termite are different species of Termite.

Black Termite are small in comparison to Carpenter Termite. The heads of Carpenter Termite and Black Termite resemble hearts. Carpenter Termite also possess a more symmetrical thorax than other ant species.

Carpenter Termite typically measure about 0.5 inches long, bigger than black Termite.

Final thoughts

The company Pearl Care Pest Control provides excellent pest treatment for Termite control in Abu Dhabi using modern techniques. We can exterminate Termite in your home or office, so call us today.